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Firstly, what is the vibe and theme of your wedding? We want that magic in the air when you walk down the aisle. Do you see yourselves standing in front of a grand luxury archway full of white and dusky pink flowers on a wooden arbour, or an enchanting, rustic-romantic backdrop, with lots of textured whimsical florals and pops of colour to set the mood before you dance the night away?

We want to know these aspects to ensure we can make the most unforgettable moment when you see your dream flowers showering beauty over the most incredible ceremony for you and your guests. Please paint a picture for us, so that we can be as connected as possible with the vision you have for your dream day. If you haven't decided, we are just as happy to discuss your venue and colour theme, and offer some incredible ideas for you. 


If you're unsure of which style of flowers to choose, our designers are happy to make suggestions based in your venue, colours and setting. 

We then need to know which items you require, such as: how many bridesmaids, whether you require archway arrangements, aisle decor and reception table arrangements, and how many. We are able to put a quote together for you based on your request. Alternatively, please let us know if you are on a strict budget, so that we can focus on what's possible within your spending limit - this saves time for you and us. Please see below for a general list of pricing - designs are flexible based on your personal style. 

Meet The Team

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