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Luxury Wedding

Booking Terms & Conditions

We are a dynamic team in Melbourne offering incredible value for money via our online-based floral service of premium quality artificial flowers. While we steer-clear of storefront expenses, you receive the best value for money and flowers that are a cut above the rest. We highly value our team of dedicated and experienced florists, who have done personalised home arrangements for clients such as Mariah Carey, Kat Von D, Stephanie Lange and more. We adhere to this standard for all of our customers, so to ensure the best outcome for both you and our team, we operate via the booking terms outlined below. 

My Story

Bookings are completed in order of event date, not in order of when the deposit is placed. For this reason, if your booking requires fast-tracking after paying the deposit/ ie: if this was not arranged at the time of placing your order, a fee of $350 is required to cover our time readjusting the schedule, and working extra hours in the days that were previously allocated to create orders for other clients that fall sooner than your event date. It takes great care to hasten an order without compromising the time and service required for other booked clients during that timeframe. We recommend discussing your required timeframe with us prior to booking, if you require your flowers before the month prior to your wedding month. 


While we always hope that every wedding will go ahead, we understand that things happen. Once an order is placed with us, the flowers and materials required for your order are arranged and time and money are spent behind the scenes to secure your flowers at the current price quoted, even if the wedding is still 1-2 years away. Often, other enquiries are turned away for the time we already have aside to complete your order. For this reason, we cannot offer a refund in the event that a client cancels an order. 

A stress-free process for all

While the majority of our clients are absolutely wonderful and respectful of our process, we require kindness and consideration when dealing with us and our team, just as clients expect this from us. This includes but is not limited to, paying invoices on time, discussing rather than demanding potential changes to the order or delivery timeframe in a manner respectful to our staff, and accepting that such changes may not be possible within a newly-requested timeframe, or may incur additional costs. While we do our best to accommodate all requests for changes or faster delivery, we require consideration and understanding that this comes at an additional fee, and may not be possible in certain timeframes.

By booking with us you agree to the above Terms & Conditions.

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